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All the hitz, all the time

the new hitz morning crew
hitz days

Eh, apa tu? Tune in every weekday from 7am - 8am and guess what the mystery sound is to win cash!


Wrong answers:

Printing paper

● Printer scanner

● Drumming tabla

● Coin dropping through a slot machine

● Tapping keyboard

● Scrambling pencil box

● Typing on keyboard

● Starting photocopy machine

● Printer out of paper

● Cheque deposit machine

● Clicking of mechanical keyboard

● Money slot machine in bus

● Putting back telephone handle

● Cutting paper using paper cutter

● Turning off printer

● Feeding photocopy machine

● Shutting down photocopy machine

● Hitting enter on keyboard

● Stapling with big stapler

● Self inking rubber stamp

● Inserting ink into printer

● Blinking tungsten light

● Typewriter

● Cashier machine

● Working cash register

● Closing metal drawer

● Slotting toner cartridge

● Typing on typewriter

● Photocopy machine

● Stamping self-ink stamp

● Batik printing

● Dropping pen into drawer

● Paper drawn on paper feeder

● Pressing button of auto door

● Franking machine

● Printing out road tax sticker

● Laminator machine

● Rubber stamp

● Ink jet printer

● Number queue ticket machine

● Photocopying drivers license

● Double sided printing machine

● Printing driver's license photo

● ID card scanner

● Shooting paintball gun

● Parking ticket machine

● Clicking ballpoint pen

● ATM machine

● Reload paper printer

● Paper roller blotter

● Tattoo machine

● Stamping ink license

● Gate barrier

● Sound of the parking ticket coming out from the parking machine

● ​Dropping a pen onto a car bonnet

● ID printer

● ​Car window wiper

● ​Paper shredder machine

● ​Renting a car

● Putting petrol pump nozzle onto its holder

● Inserting coins into parking meter

● Shredding machine

● Machine that embosses vehicles plate number

● ​PVC Cup

● ​Plugging pendrive into computer

● ​Cold drink vending machine

● ​​Printing queue number

● ​​Credit card imprinter

● ​​JPJ Self Service Kiosk Machine

● ​​Binding machine

● Validating parking ticket

● ​Laminate machine

● Embossing metal number plate

● Receiving saman paper from police

● Machine that issues waiting number at post office

● ​Paper hole puncher

● Turning car blinker

● ​Injecting CD from CPU

● ​Closing a car bonnet

● ​Inkjet printer

● Closing the car dashboard compartment

● Engine checklight

● Driving a car over a rubber strip on the road

● Binding Machine

● Bronzing Machine 

● Unplugging USB pendrive 

● Pushing a bike from a full stand

● Closing metal car-shape pencil box

● Insert cassette

● ID Card printer

● Ejecting a cassette

● Holographic Foiling Machine

● Card reader to verify JPJ information for traffic violation

Dropping car number plate on the car bonnet

Laminating card

Retractable Auto Gate

Stamping driver's license

Presses the car power window

Injecting a VHS tape

Adjusting Camera Lens

Sound of sliding windows at the security check at the guard house

Polaroid camera

Punch card machine

Micro stitch in a microfilm machine


Photocopying IC

Card embossing machine

Using Smart Tag device

Casting machine

Tayar wheels

Inserting Diskette

Engraving Machine Lever

Reading a CD ROM

Floppy disk ejection

Inserting Car Seatbelt

Loading cartridge in the paintball gun

Playing the videotape

Playing with a pendrive

Inserting a CD

Shaking a box of a container with a pen drive inside it

Turning on and off the high beam

Metal filing cabinet




Try again TOMORROW at 7AM at 03-95433311  for your chance to win RM6,350 !


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  • the new hitz morning crew
  • the new hitz morning crew
  • the new hitz morning crew
  • the new hitz morning crew