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All the hitz, all the time

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All the hitz, all the time

hitz eh apa tu

Eh, apa tu? Tune in every weekday
from 7am - 8am and guess what the
mystery sound is to win cash!


Wrong answers:

Crushing a plastic bottle

Shuffling cards

Dominos falling down

Crushing plastic water bottle

Opening up a plastic bag

Crushing biscuit

Cracking the crab shell

Eating corn

Opening candy wrapper

Pulling on a Velcro strap

Crushing dead leaves

Unwrapping aluminium foil

Cracking egg shells

Lifting Velcro

Crushing spaghetti

Crushing nut shells

Pop it toy

Crushing a jelly cup

Sharpening a pencil

Crunching a crisp wrapper

Playing cards

Pouring candies

Pouring coffee bean

Peeling Velco strap

Water flowing out of tap

Combing hair

Scooping ice cubes

Cracking crackers

Crushing seaweed

Grinding black pepper

Cracking papadom

Ice freezing

Squeezing cabbage

Crumpling a piece of paper/b>

Removing resin glue on a ball

Flipping paper

Crushing a soda can

Pulling duct tape from dispenser

Pulling an adhesive label off something

Flipping a stack of cash

Putting glue on clean ball

Unscrewing a bottle cap off a mineral water bottle

Crushing an aluminium can

Running fingers across the keyboard

Unpeeling plastic wrapper

Crushing seaweed

Crushing potato chips

Popping rock candy

Grinding salt

Flipping cards

Walking on gravel

Squishy toy

Peeling off masking tape

Crushing an egg tray

Pinching bubble wrap

Crumple the sponge

Crunch transparent plastic

Rolling dice

Crinkling cellophane tape

Crumpling plastic wrapper from the straw

Gargling water

Flipping a deck of playing cards

Shaking a container filled with thumb tacks

Playing with marbles (from hand to hand)

Crunching slime

Chocolate wrapper

Crunchy clay cracking

Washing clam

Playing with coins

Shaking spray paint bottle

Pouring stones into a machine

Breaking branches of a tree

The sound of rain beating on an open umbrella

Putting something in polystyrene packaging

Sharpening a pencil

Wiping keyboard

Dropping pebbles on floor

Rubbing shoe on sandy pavement

Peeling off cover from plastic container

Scrapping hair comb with finger

Crumbling paper bag

Pouring jigsaw puzzle

Pouring small stone

Grabbing a bunch of Lego pieces

Scrubbing a hard surface with a brush

Opening window blinds

Shaking liquid paper

Peeling screen protector

Winding musical box

Human bones breaking

Crumpling courier plastic

Squeezing bubble wrap

Stretching fingers

Shaking few dices

Crush scrubbing clothes

Playing with slime

Removing body hair with wax

Crushing dry soap

Beads being dropped

Rubbing a balloon

Crinkle plastic bag

Crushing egg shells

Cutting ASMR soap

Breaking wooden toothpick

Removing 3D suppoet (Resin)

Riffle shuffling card

Mixing hair clips

Chopstick stroking on mesh

Removing plastic gloves

Tearing paper bag

Stroking hair brush

Sound of firecrackers

Peeling adhesive tape

Peeling off wallpaper/b>

Plaster clay cracking

Collecting seashells

Cricking the ropes

Cracking glow stick

Peeling off stickers

Stripping adhesive tape

Dispensing scotch tape

Tearing velcro tape

Cutting the foam

Peeling onion

Strapping adhesive tape

Cutting a ribbon

Curling a ribbon

Cutting adhesive tape

Tearing duct tape

Strapping hand glove

Picture hanging stripes

Peeling off wallpaper

cutting off paper


Try again at TOMORROW at 7AM for your chance to win RM27,000!


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