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Armpit Hair Doesn’t Seem To Serve Any Purpose. So Why Do We Have Them?

There are always pros and cons.
08 Oct 2022, 12:00 PM
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This article is sponsored by Ulike

Scissors cutting grass that’s being held up by a hand

Image via Bruno Kelzer/Unsplash

Remember when puberty came knocking? One of the first things you probably noticed was that things were getting, well, hairier.

In the underarm department, some preferred to go au naturale while some want to shave it off. Regardless, it does make you wonder—what is the point of armpit hair anyway?

While they may appear to be pointless, underarm hair aka axillary hair does come with its pros and cons. Whether you want to shave or grow it just boils down to your personal choice and lifestyle.

So, what’s good about having armpit hair?

Your skin doesn’t have to deal with so much friction

When you’re doing certain physical activities like jogging or even walking, the skin of your upper arm and torso are rubbing against each other. However, having armpit hair reduces that friction, hence helping to deter redness and irritation

You are protected from dermatological health issues

Leaving your underarm unshaved helps prevent you from getting certain health problems, especially dermatological-related ones. This includes ingrown hairs, razor burn, armpit pimples, skin tags and skin irritation.

But what if you prefer to go hairless? Well, there are benefits too!

You can get rid of body odour

The underarm area is warm and dark, and if you have hair there, it can hold on to all that yucky sweat too. This makes it a prime estate for bacteria, which leads to body odour.

However, when you eliminate underarm hair, it makes it easier for soap or cleansers to get to your skin, hence killing the germs and reducing the stink.

Your sweat situation is easier to control

While removing your underarm hair isn’t going to stop you from sweating, it can keep the sweat in check. Because there’s no hair, there’s nothing for your sweat to ‘hold on’ to so it dries up faster.

If you prefer bare underarms, there’s a hair removal method that’s better than shaving

Intense Pulse Light (IPL) hair removal works pretty much like a laser hair removal, except it uses a broad-spectrum visible light. The light creates heat that kills the hair follicle, hence removing it and subsequently reducing its regrowth rate.

However, because of their long-lasting effects, IPL treatments don’t come cheap. Plus, you’ll need more than one treatment, and multiple touch-ups to keep your skin bare.

There is however, a more cost-effective, safe and painless option---Ulike IPL Hair Removal

Koe Yeet and Ulike Hair Removal Device

Image via Ulike

With Ulike, you can easily remove unwanted body hair without having to drag yourself to a beauty salon! Unlike many IPL devices, Ulike’s versions come with a cooling technology that eliminates the pain from the zapping heat.


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There are two models that you can choose from:

Sapphire Ice-Cooling Hair Removal Device Air3

The device is backed by a new generation of sapphire ice cooling technology, which means the device cools faster and longer, making the hair removal process easy and less painful.

The device is also equipped with intelligent automatic continuous flash technology, where the light output speed is increased to 0.7 for faster operation and more effective hair removal.

Sapphire Air2 IPL Hair Removal

Using Diamond Freezing Technology, the device solves the issues of burning sensation and pain experienced when taking an IPL treatment at home. Even if you have thick body hair, you can permanently remove it within three to four weeks without any pain!

There are five levels of energy options, designed to meet the needs of all hair and skin types.

Ulike what you see? 😜 You can get your own at Shopee and Lazada!

There’s a special promo going on too. If you use the promo code, your purchase will come with a bunch of freebies: electric toothbrush, aloe vera gel, sunglasses, razor and a massage pillow! PLUS, you get an RM40 discount too!

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For more product details, visit Ulike’s website.

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