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It's World Cup Season And That Means You'll Be Seeing These Types Of Football Fans Out And About

So, which one are you?
Fairuz Shahar
15 Dec 2022, 09:16 PM

This article is sponsored by DuitNow

Groups of Asians watching football

Image via CandyRetriever and Tom Wang/Shutterstock, edited by HITZ

Can you believe that the FIFA World Cup is coming to an end?! One month flew by so fast, and we’re about to know which team will become the world champion this weekend!

Since the kick off of the biggest football event this year, we’ve seen many types of football fans around us…

Let's take a look at some types of football fans who add spice to the game!

#1 The always-lepak-at-mamak

Malaysians watching football at mamak

Image via shahphoto/Shutterstock, edited by HITZ

For this type of football fans, satisfaction comes from watching the game on the big screen while enjoying a cup of teh tarik and roti canai, and then yelling “Goaalllll” along with others! We bet it’s the mamak’s favourite season too because “dolla’ bills, dolla’ bills”.

#2 The MC king/queen

Ah, the die-hard fans who stay up late just to catch their favourite team in action. Then the next morning… well, you guessed it. For the record, we don’t recommend this!


#3 The jump-on-the-bandwagon

They’re not really into football, but when it comes to the World Cup, they feed off the hype or peer pressure and transform into the most enthusiastic fans!

#4 The new Astro subscriber

We all know this type—the one who signs up for a free trial package or subscribes for the duration of the game, then goes MIA after.

#5 The commentator

The know-it-all type who constantly potpet potpet during every match! They’ll comment on every move as if they’re professionals, giving a gameplay analysis on second and criticising the player's technique or referee's credibility the next!

#6 The jersey lover

This is the type who’ll wear their jersey ALL. THE. TIME. When not sporting the jersey at viewing parties, they’ll be wearing it to class, when shopping or even on a date!

#7 The party goer

This is the one who always looks for the nearest viewing parties so they can watch the games with other kaki bolas and take part in fun activities.

If you’re in this category (or if you like football in general), DuitNow is throwing a Football Fever Party this weekend for the much-anticipated finale—and you can win prizes too. Plus, it’s going to be another 4 years until the next FIFA World Cup, so don’t miss out!

Where will the DuitNow Football Fever Party be?

The parties will be happening from 10pm to 1am at these locations:

17 December


1) Restoran Hendry Kitchen, Taman Teluk Sisik, Kuantan

2) Sudu Food Station, Jalan Kempadang, Kuantan



1) The Street Kitchen Kontena, Bandar Bukit Baru


18 December


1) Restoran SS9, Taman pelangi, Johor Bahru

2) The J @ Seri Alam, Bandar Baru Seri Alam, Johor Bahru


Negeri Sembilan

1) Nilai Food Hub, Jalan Nilai Square 1, Nilai Square Commercial Centre


Besides watching football, you’ll also get to hang out with the HITZ crew and local influencers, participate in fun games and stand a chance to win cash vouchers!

Participants playing a game at DuitNow Football Fever PartyImage via DuitNow


Participant heading a ball at DuitNow Football Fever PartyImage via DuitNow


Participants at DuitNow Football Fever Party in TerengganuImage via DuitNow


Pssst. To win the gift vouchers, you’ll need to pay for your food and drinks using your mobile banking or e-wallet to scan the DuitNow QR code… that’s it! Don’t miss a minute of the match and pay with DuitNow!

A diner scanning DuitNow QR to pay foodImage via DuitNow


Simply follow these simple steps:

#1 Launch your preferred mobile banking or e-wallet app

Launch mobile banking or e-wallet app

Image via DuitNow


#2 Scan merchant’s DuitNow QR

Scan merchant’s DuitNow QR

Image via DuitNow


#3 Confirm payment details and pay

Confirm payment details and pay

Image via DuitNow


#4 Receive payment confirmation

Receive payment confirmation

Image via DuitNow

Have fun at the DuitNow Football Fever Party and we’ll see you there! Follow DuitNow’s Facebook and Instagram for more updates.

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