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Pineapples Were Only For The Rich And 5 More Interesting Facts We Found Out About The Fruit

Who knew pineapples were so rare back then?
15 Apr 2022, 04:59 PM
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This article is sponsored by WonderDewi.

Fun facts about pineapples

Image via lookstudio/Freepik ; Edited by HITZ

There’s been that long ongoing debate on whether pineapples should or shouldn’t be put on pizzas. It doesn’t matter though if you agree or disagree on the fruit being pizza toppings because we’ve got a bunch of fun facts on pineapples to blow your mind.

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Okay, now here is where the fruit gets even more interesting!

Check out these 6 fun facts about pineapples you probably never knew about before:

#1 Cannibalism? Christopher Columbus said “thank u, next”

When explorer Columbus went on one of his many journeys to ‘discover India’, he ended up in Guadeloupe in 1493, a little island to the south of Puerto Rico.

He and his crew were offered two food options: a stew made out of human body parts or pineapples. They chose the fruit (surprise, surprise) and even brought it back to Europe, where the Europeans went crazy over its sweet flavour.

#2 So rare, pineapples became a status of wealth

You’d have to be making money like Blackpink’s Lisa back then to be able to afford this prickly fruit because the tropical fruit was extremely difficult to grow in cold, cold Europe.

It would be shipped across the sea and sadly, lots of them don’t always survive the long journey. This ‘rare’ fruit in the 1400s and 1500s then became a symbol of wealth.

They did learn how to cultivate it 2 centuries later tho.

#3 So expensive, Americans would rather use pineapples as décor

In the 1700s in America, pineapples were also a luxury, and the prices were soooooo expensive that the fruit is literally just for show. Housewives would use them as a centrepiece and some even RENTED pineapples so they could show off and pretend to be rich.

Basically, you can compare pineapples to an LV handbag. If they’re even more bougie, they’d actually EAT the pineapples!

#4 It’s neither a pine nor an apple… it’s a berry!

Yep, we’re just as surprised as you are! So, if we get all scientific here, a pineapple is made out of a mass of individual berries fused to a central stalk.

However, the name ‘pineapple’ dates back to 1398, when it was used as a name for pinecones. Then, when European explorers discovered pineapple (the fruit) and named it so, pinecones were renamed as ‘pinecones’ instead.

#5 The Filipinos used pineapples to scare kids

Urban legends and myths were basically created to ensure young children need therapy in their adult life. One Philippine legend says that the prickly parts of the fruit is actually 1,000 eyes of a spoiled little girl!

When the little girl’s mother fell ill and asked the daughter to cook for her, she was too lazy to look for the ladle. The mother then cursed the daughter, saying she would grow 1,000 eyes so she can find the ladle.

Apparently, she did and thus became a pineapple. Erm, okay.

#6 It contains bromelain that treats all kinda injuries

Bro, if you’re suffering from a huge burn when your friend roasted you, just eat some pineapples because the bromelain enzyme can treat inflammation from burns, wounds from your ex-gf, and loads of other injuries.

Besides that, the enzyme can break down proteins making them super tender so you can add them into marinades.

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