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The World’s Oldest Living Culture, Super Clean Air And 5 More Mind-Blowing Things About Australia

They’re more than just kangaroos and koalas.
13 May 2022, 06:01 PM
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This article is sponsored by Tourism Australia.

The Australian Alps see more snow than the Swiss Alps

Image via Australian Geographic; Edited by HITZ

Australia is a country that’s been meme-afied as the home of all sorts of fascinating and rarely spotted animals. Well, that’s not wrong, but you’re forgetting everything else that makes it one of the best places to travel to thanks to its natural wonders, gorgeous architecture and rich culture.

Here are some pretty interesting facts that’ll get you planning your itinerary down under in a jiffy!

#1 Get your ski gears on because the Australian Alps is a winter wonderland!

Visit the Australian Alps for a ski trip

Image via Australia Post Collectibles


The Australian Alps have a rich “snow history” – with a wealth of skiing, snowboarding, dog sledding tours and even staycations in real igloos. The snow depth down under averages around 100cm or 40 inches per year around the states of Victoria, Tasmania and New South Wales.

#2 Go to bed with koalas and kangaroos for company!

Sky Pods along the Great Ocean Road

Image via Sky Pods

If playing in the snow like Elsa isn’t your thing, you can sleep amongst Aussie wildlife in eco-friendly pods near the Great Ocean Road.

Sky Pods is made up of picturesque solar-powered pods situated in the middle of an off-grid wildlife refuge that allows travellers to get up close with some of Australia’s iconic animals including koalas, kangaroos and wallabies.

#3 They’ve got a museum… UNDERWATER!

Museum of Underwater Art at the Great Barrier Reef

Image via Inhabitat

If enjoying immersive art while learning something new sounds like your cup of tea, head over to the Great Barrier Reef’s new underwater museum to find out more!

The new Museum of Underwater Art (MOUA) is located in Townsville, North Queensland, and it’s the only underwater museum in the Southern Hemisphere. It consists of a series of installations by renowned underwater sculptor Jason deCaires Taylor, which innovatively blends art, science, culture and conservation.

#4 Australia’s Indigenous people have the longest history on Earth

Australia has the longest history of aboriginal culture

Image via Pinterest

Apparently, humans are believed to have migrated to Northern Australia from Asia using primitive boats about 50,000 years ago!

You can learn more about this rich history and culture when you visit Uluru and Australia’s Red Centre. They have interesting biomes such as desert plains, weathered mountain ranges, and rocky gorges. It’s like you’re exploring Minecraft’s biomes, TBH!

Seven-day walk Uluru trek in Australia

Image via Beautiful World Travel Guide

If you’re up for this Minecraft experience IRL, then you can take the seven-day walk with Australian Walking Holidays along the new Larapinta, Kings Canyon and Uluru trek.

You’ll get to explore a portion of the magnificent 223km bushwalk on the Larapinta Trail, and walk along the sandstones of Kings Canyon, before finishing at the sacred site of Uluru.

#5 There’s a SKY tour of a museum that you CAN’T miss out on…

Tour the National Museum of Australia via hot air balloons

Image via WeekendNotes

Unless you’re deathly afraid of heights, you really shouldn’t skip this epic opportunity to tour Canberra’s National Museum of Australia via a hot air balloon!

This ultimate “In, Above & Behind the Scenes” experience will give you an aerial tour of the museum to explore its architecture and rich history.

Take a curated tour of the National Museum of Australia

Image via National Museum of Australia/LinkedIn

After that, a curator will lead you around the museum to explain in detail the social history and explore the key issues, people and events that have shaped Australia. Finally, the tour will end with a delicious breakfast at the museum’s water-view café.

#6 Too lazy to walk across a bridge? Then just zip-line across it!

The Matagarup Bridge in Perth lit up at night

Image via Pharos Controls

The Matagarup Bridge over Perth’s Swan River is more than just a pretty pedestrian bridge. It’s also a thrill ride! The unique arched design and colourful lights at night make it an unmissable landmark over Perth’s Swan River that you’ll definitely wanna take loads of OOTD with.

You can choose between a day, night or even a full moon climb up to the SkyView platform, which is an open-air viewing platform giving you 360-degree views of the city.

Zip line across the Matagarup bridge in Perth

Image via PerthNow

Once you’ve climbed all the way up there and taken all those jaw-dropping shots, you’re probably too exhausted to climb down so just take the zip line that’ll bring you 400m across the river and landing in Burswood Park.

#7 Tasmania’s air is so clean that your lungs will be thanking you for breathing it

Explore Tasmania and enjoy the clean air

Image via Tasmania Parks & Wildlife Service

Lots of places in the world have contaminated air and we, as Malaysians, know full well what it’s like during haze season. Tasmania, on the other hand, has one of the world’s CLEANEST airs!

That’s probably because most of the area has got beauty so natural that you’ll forget about your stresses for a moment. To give your lungs a much needed ‘spa day’, take a guided walking tour around Freycinet National Park!

Freycinet National Park bridge along the trail

Image via The Global Alliance of National Parks

Experiential Tasmania offers a five-and-a-half-hour tour, which will start at Freycinet Lodge, inside the park, and begins with a gentle 45-minute climb to the Wineglass Bay lookout.

The tour guide will then bring you along the Isthmus Track to Hazards Beach, and you’ll even get a gourmet picnic lunch before heading back!

There are loads more to do and see in Australia so book your trip ASAP!

Discover A Great Deal More virtual travel fair

Image via Tourism Australia

From 21 April to 15 May 2022, you can get amazing deals from Tourism Australia’s “Discover A Great Deal More” Virtual Travel Fair for all the best tours, stays and more.

Major airlines such as Malaysia Airlines, Singapore Airlines and more are giving out special flight discounts while leading travel partners such as Apple Vacations, Klook, Traveloka, etc. also have amazing offers and packages you ought to jump on.

The travel fair ends on 15th May so go over to Australia’s “Discover A Great Deal More” Virtual Travel Fair ASAP and get your deals because Australia is yours to explore!

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