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Are You A KFC Chicken Burger Expert? Show Us How Good You Are With Chicks By Joining The Competition!

There are different tests to find the true expert!
26 Oct 2022, 06:58 PM
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This article is sponsored by KFC.

Are you the new KFC Chicken Burger Expert?

Images via Facebook/KFC; Edited by HITZ

KFC is no stranger to the chicken game. They’re always the first to pop into everyone’s minds when you say “fried chicken”.

The aroma of their secret 11 spices is embedded into every Malaysian’s core memory, and their fried chicken really does live up to their ‘finger lickin’ good’ slogan.

But now… they’re also in the burger scene!

Are YOU the chicken burger expert?

KFC is looking for the new chicken burger expert

Image via KFC

On the 28th of October, KFC is putting the HITZ fam and ERA geng through a series of contests to find who’s the ultimate burger expert!

This closed-door event will be streamed live on our Facebook page for everyone to see!

However, a few of you could be lucky enough to be crowned KFC’s chicken burger expert alongside the HITZ or ERA team!

Here’s how you can be part of the team!

Up till 27th October, look out for the cue to call from our announcers on air. Make sure you dial in ASAP and answer a couple of simple questions right.

The lucky caller will receive an RM200 KFC voucher and a special exclusive invitation to the ERA vs HITZ - The KFC Chicken Burger Expert event happening on 28th October at 8pm.

If your team (a.k.a the HITZ team, of course!) gets crowned the KFC Chicken Burger expert, everyone will win a share of RM2,000 KFC vouchers. That’ll feed the fam for a whole month!

The loser team doesn’t have to fret tho, because they’ll still be going home with an RM1,000 voucher.

Here’s what to expect in the KFC Chicken Burger Expert showdown!

Nobody’s gonna be called a winner without a series of challenges and contests to prove they’re worthy of this title.

So, here are some of the cool things that’ll be happening throughout the night:

#1 Kinetic burger


A post shared by @kfcmalaysia

The faster you burn by paddling, the faster the on-screen burger gets eaten. Each burger that gets eaten within 5 mins earns the team 1 point!

There’s a catch tho because every 1 minute, you’ll need to change the person paddling.

#2 A series of trivia questions


A post shared by @kfcmalaysia

There’ll be a bunch of questions being asked throughout the night and anyone who gets the answers right gets points.

So, make sure you do your homework cuz KFC is gonna fry you up with some tough ones!

#3 Burger-saw puzzle


A post shared by @kfcmalaysia

The host will show a card featuring a random KFC burger to the participants for 1 minute.

You’ll then have 2 minutes to build the burger puzzle according to the picture shown. The most accurately built burger within the given time wins and gets points.

Each correct answer earns the team 1 point!

Besides these tough contests, you can also chill with awesome performances!

For both those people at the event and at home, you can expect to see amazing performances by some famous faces!

Lookout for Amelia Henderson and Mark O’Dea as well because they’ll be making special appearances for the night!

Before you go… you gotta check out the new Cheezy burgers!

KFC’s new Cheezy O.R Burger with jalapeno sauceImage via KFC

Yup, that’s right. What’s a burger expert gotta do other than try out KFC’s new burger?!

The Cheezy O.R burger chicken fillets are made with the classic 11 special herbs and spices but the twist is the drool-worthy spicy jalapeno cheezy sauce!

Want a bigger version? Just double it up by getting the Cheezy O.R Deluxe! Don’t forget to make it a full meal by adding a combo, aight.

Visit your nearest KFC outlet to get your hands on this cheezy beauty!

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