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Here’s Some Easy Resolutions For You To Try In 2022

Still thinking about your new year resolutions?
03 Jan 2022, 10:00 AM
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Main image via AsianPolyGlotView + NY Post 


We’re a couple of days into the new year and we know that this is one of the best times to give yourself a fresh start —a clean slate, if you will.


Many people make New Year’s resolutions, hoping to spark positive change, and sometimes it works, and sometimes… we need a little help.


Think about all the things that didn't work out for you in 2021. Now, scrap them, and start fresh.



According to Forbes, people tend to set big changes for themselves every new year but sometimes setting big goals may subconsciously scare you into not completing them… about starting small first? Set a small goal. Create a list of New Year's resolutions that are easy, attainable and can help you make better-for-you lifestyle twists each and every day.


If you're looking for your one non-negotiable change to take on for 2022, consider these top 5 New Year's resolutions. Or if you’re brave enough, try them all!


Be More Punctual


Do you find yourself constantly running late, barely making it on time and you always feel like you’re in a hurry?




This year, you might want to set yourself a new timetable.


Make a habit of starting the day early. Try to wake up to your alarm without snoozing it (yes, we’ve all been there), because by doing so will only make you lazier’ll end up oversleeping!


Set up a morning routine that you would enjoy such as watering the plants, feeding your pets or going to the gym. If you do this, you’ll be set up for success!



Start Journaling


Some may think this is a difficult task to do —it’s actually not. An easy way to start this healthy habit is to simply jot down things you're grateful for.




Try asking yourself this:

What do I want to accomplish today?  Any thoughts or worries that's been bothering me?


Write it all down. It’ll only take a little while and it’s good because you’ve spent some time on yourself, even if it's just reflecting on life.


Alternatively, you can also make your resolution about writing more in general. Like... writing hand-written notes to your loved ones, perhaps?



Learn to Clean Smartly


You don’t need to spend all-day to keep your house or room tidy.


In fact, there are simple ways to quickly tackle the important stuff on a daily basis - here's some tips


  1. Start your day by making your bed
  2. Tidy up as you go
  3. Wipe it down before you walk away - a quick wipe can help save you the time and effort of a major clean up later
  4. Place all paper in its proper place - papers pile up quicker than you’d think possible. Establish a designate place for your mails, bills, notes and more to keep yourself organised
  5. Donate what you don’t need regularly - declutter!
  6. Clean your fridge on a weekly basis - This will not only keep your fridge fresh and avoid leftovers from growing moldy, it will also help you keep an accurate grocery list and help cut down your spending on things you already have
  7. Always clean up after you cook - don’t leave it to later, your dirty dishes will only grow
  8. Straighten up before you fall asleep - a quick run through of your home or room will help you have a better tomorrow


We know cleaning can be a little troublesome, but isn't it a great feeling to come home to a clean and tidy house? And plus, your physical, mental and emotional health will thank you for it!



Spend Money More Mindfully


Why not change your spending habits this year?


Try the 24-hour rule:


When you see something you really want, tell yourself to think about it for 24 hours before considering the purchase. Odds are, you don't actually want or need the item, but if you still want the item after 24 hours, you’ll feel better about your purchase.


If you have difficulty making a decision on whether to buy a piece of clothing or not, try listing down at least 3 outfits or ways you think you’ll be able to wear it. In this way, it’ll tell you if it actually works into your existing wardrobe.



Walk It Out

Year after year, the New Year’s resolution theme always includes a more active approach to health and fitness.


Sadly, for many people, it's not a habit that stays consistent for longer than a few weeks.


Instead, change how you think about the goal.


Force yourself to get outside and start walking. If you have a treadmill at home, that’s fine too!




Going on a walk is good for both your physical and mental health, allowing you to take a break from work or chores and spend time with yourself—or your walking buddy!


Plus, it's not as hard on the body as trying to start an intense workout program, which means you're more likely to keep it up. Win-win!



Lucky for you, these 5 New Year's resolutions are totally achievable, so you'll feel good about choosing a new habit.


These are just some ideas for you, tho. Feel free to create your own New Year’s resolutions that are easy and achievable.


Start small first and then achieve bigger goals. You’ve got this!




Info via Southern Living + Forbes 


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