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Balik Kampung for CNY? Here’s How You Can Protect Your House From Break-Ins!

There’s a smarter way to keep burglars at bay!
11 Jan 2023, 10:16 AM
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This article is sponsored by LOCKIN Malaysia

Asian family packing for holiday

Image via Lifestylememory/freepik, edited by HITZ


With Chinese New Year approaching near, most of us are getting ready to balik kampung.

Of course, you want to leave your home in peace. So, we’ve provided some tips to keep your home safe and sound so that you can enjoy your holiday.


Secure your house with LOCKIN Malaysia smart door lock!

LOCKIN Malaysia Smart Door

Image via LOCKIN Malaysia

LOCKIN provides state-of-the-art-home security gadgets. It’s the only smart lock in Malaysia that is available on a rental/subscription basis and the only one that offers home break-in insurance coverage of up to RM10,000 per year!

The best part is, you can own this smart lock as low as RM49 per month!

In conjunction with CNY, LOCKIN is offering special deals!


Image via LOCKIN Malaysia

  • Buy one unit of LOCKIN Smart Lock X1 for only RM1,988 (Normal price: RM2,400)*, or
  • Buy one unit of LOCKIN Smart Lock S30Pro for only RM2,688 (Normal price: RM3,300)!

*2 years product warranty
*Terms & Conditions apply

Grab this opportunity now by filling in your details at!

If you’re an Astro customer, you can use promo code LOCKINASTRO to receive HWC coffee voucher worth RM20!


Check out these cool features by LOCKIN!

LOCKIN’s high-tech locks are anti-break-in, providing you with worry-free home security. The features include:

  • 6 Unlocking Modes : You can set 6 unlocking modes namely fingerprint, PIN Code, 1-time password, Bluetooth via App, NFC card and mechanical key.
  • High-strength aluminium alloy panel : The panel is made of durable, break and scratch resistance materials to burglar-proof your house.
  • Mijia Smart Linkage: The lock supports thousands of Mijia systems.
  • One-Stop App : The smart door can be linked to an app which provides door status, password management, lock history and family back home reminder, among others.
  • 6-Fold Security Protection: It’s equipped with double induction unlock, resist black box attack, emergency knob, electronic anti-lock, encryption chip and anti-peep fake code.


LOCKIN Malaysia smart digital door lock

Image via LOCKIN Malaysia

You can own your LOCKIN smart locks now through one-time purchase or rent-to-own purchase which include:

✔ Free Installation

✔ Product warranty

✔ On-site repair or service

✔ Home break-in insurance coverage of up to RM10,000 per year!

For more information, visit LOCKIN’s website.


Besides LOCKIN, here are some additional tips to keep your home safe:

#1 Don’t post on social media that you’re away

We all love to share about our activities on social media, but it’s best to keep a low profile.

If you post on social media that you're on a holiday, this might attract burglars. Remember, bad guys are always lurking on the internet!

Those Instagrammable pictures can wait til you get home, ok!

#2 Leave the light on or play music radio when you’re away

When nobody’s home, turn the lights or radio on to give the impression that there are people in the house.

#3 Tell your neighbours & police to keep an eye on your house

It’s always a good idea to notify someone trustworthy when you’re away so that they can look after your house. They can be your trusted neighbours, friends, close relatives or neighbourhood police.

#4 Close your curtains so valuable items are out of sight

Don’t leave your valuable items such as your TV, computers or cameras exposed, especially where thieves can see them. Seems petty, but many of us are guilty of doing this.

So, make sure to not only lock your windows but also close the curtains.

#5 Install home security system

If you have extra money, install security alarm and CCTV to keep thieves away. Make sure that they work properly and inspect them regularly.

Now that you’re all set, we wish you Gong Xi Fa Cai and have a safe journey!

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