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This Is How Much You Can Save When You Grocery Shop During Lotus's Merdeka Sale

You get a discount, you get a discount, and you get a discount!
LEE, Jolene Chern Yi
30 Aug 2022, 06:23 PM
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This article is sponsored by Lotus’s.

Money raining on Asian man

Image via jcomp/Freepik; Edited by HITZ

National Day is around the corner and Lotus’s wants to celebrate by giving out lotsa discount just for you! From now till 21st September 2022, they’re all about giving back to the rakyat by offering special deals on the local brands and products that we love since young.

They’ve even got some of the items we used to have around the house as well!

Here are just a few of the many items they have on sale from 25th August till 7th September and how much you can save:

#1 Maggi Chilli & Tomato Sauce—RM3.99 (NP: RM4.69)

You save: RM0.70 per bottle

When younger we used to debate on which is superior, the chilli or tomato sauce. Now, however, as long as we get some sauce we our fries, we’re super duper happy already because we’re Malaysians and we live on all the sauces, curries, and kuah.

#2 Yeo’s Baked Beans in Tomato Sauce—RM4.29 (NP: RM4.45)

You save: RM0.16 per can

Many people have a love-hate relationship with baked beans. You either love it or you don’t! But if there’s one thing we can’t deny, it’s that baked beans can be eaten on its own or incorporated in all sorts of recipes!

#3 Wall’s 1.5L Ice Cream in Assorted Flavours—RM8.99 (NP: RM10.79)

You save: RM1.80 per tub

Wanna binge-watch a show? The best way to do that is with a whole tub of ice cream and a giant spoon. You’re basically an adult now, so nobody can stop you from doing this.

#4 Cintan Instant Noodles in Assorted Flavours—RM3.69 (NP: RM4.45)

You save: RM0.76 per pack

Instant noodles used to be a treat for us when we were younger. During those days when mum just feels too tired to cook and she prepares a hot bowl of these noodles just hit different compared to those of us eating ramen to save money these days. #CriesInBroke

#5 Naturel 3kg Blend Cooking Oil—RM38.99 (NP: RM43.25)

Naturel Blend cooking oil on sale

Image via Lotus’s

You save: RM4.26 per bottle

With the recent price hike in cooking oil, this deal is super worth it! As an #AdultingPro, you know that cooking healthy is important, that’s why Naturel’s cooking oil, which contains Omega 3 and 6, are great for the diet.

#6 Lipton Tea Extra Kaw & Original—RM7.99 (NP: RM10.90)

Lipton teabags on sale

Image via Lotus’s

You save: RM2.91 per pack

Coffee, tea, or admin? Of course, the answer is tea because coffee is kinda overrated and admin never gets chosen for anything. #Supalonely 😭

#7 M&S Coconut Milk—RM2.55 (NP: RM2.85)

M&S coconut milk on sale

Image via Lotus’s

You save: RM0.30 per pack

Most of the yummiest Malaysian dishes are made with coconut cream such as curries, nasi lemak, peranakan dishes, etc. No Malaysian pantry is complete without some santan at home!

#8 Lotus’s 75L Storage Box—RM26.90 (NP:36.90)

Lotus’s storage box on sale

Image via Lotus’s

You save: RM10 per box

Every household has at least one box like this where you or your family keep a bunch of old stuff… and most of the time you probably don’t even know why you’re still keeping them but the storage bins really do come in handy.

#9 Pensonic 1.8L Jar Rice—RM89.90 (RM118.90)

Pensonic rice cooker on sale

Image via Lotus’s

You save: RM29 per rice cooker

Old school simple rice-cookers like Pensonic’s is best when it comes to making rice and the batik print sure gives it an old-school vibe.

#10 Pensonic 25L Electric Oven—RM129 (NP: RM199)

Pensonic electric oven on sale

Image via Lotus’s

You save: RM70 per oven

If you’re moving into adulthood, it’s high time you invest in a good and sturdy oven that can help you cook and bake a variety of recipes! This is a super good deal and a good investment in the long run.

Don’t say admin didn’t share life advice with you, ok.

Every little amount of money saved at Lotus’s can lead to a huge total!

Lotus’s grocery shopping promotion for Merdeka

Image via Lotus’s

It may not seem like you’ll save that much but remember the saying “ssedikit-sedikit lama-lama jadi bukit’, which means every little thing will add up to a lot!

They have lots more on offer and this list we shared is just a few of them. From 7th til 21st September, there will be a new range of items on sale!

So, head over to the nearest Lotus’s store or their online shop ASAP and get all the Merdeka deals before 21st September!

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