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Malaysians Share The BEST and WORST Things They Got During The 11.11 Sale

Should have read the description clearly…
16 Nov 2021, 06:15 PM
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This article is sponsored by KFC.

Funny 11.11 online shopping fail

Image via whoaaintitfun/Reddit

It’s THAT time of the year where almost everything is on sale and shopping becomes irresistible. You’ve probably found yourself checking out hundreds of ringgit worth of things you don’t really need.

Sometimes, they’re REALLY great finds though because some of the items you want have amazing offers—like KFC x Foodpanda’s recent collab (more finger lickin’ good deets below!)—but there are also times when they fall short…

Check out some of the WORST and BEST things Malaysians have gotten during the 11.11 sale!


#1 Cheap lipstick that gave Yee an allergic reaction

“I saw this no-brand lipstick that had great reviews selling for only RM1.11 and I thought it’d be a cute addition to my makeup collection. After a few hours of applying that cheap lipstick, my lips became swollen, and I had breakouts near my lips the next day!”

#2 Jojo’s auntie bought scissors that could barely cut anything

“My 72-year-old auntie saw this really cool 11.11 sale last year and the ad showed a pair of scissors that is so sharp, it can cut through chicken bones. She bought 2 because they had some kinda promo and she paid about RM180 for both.

The ad stated that it’s made in Germany but when she received the scissors, they were labelled ‘Made in China’ and they could barely cut through anything.”

#3 Rajesh didn’t read the T&C for the RM100 voucher…

“I saw this amazing RM100 voucher for a fancy local hotel selling for only RM1 during the sale. I didn’t think much about it and immediately bought two. When I wanted to make the booking, I read the T&C and realised that I must spend a minimum of RM400 to use the one voucher.

It’s my bad for not checking properly but wow, I can’t even afford to use both vouchers. ☹”


#1 Valerie got this super cute polaroid picture décor

Polaroid camera picture wall hanging decor

Image via valerweeyc/Instagram

“I saw this really cute display for polaroid pictures in a retail store and they were selling for about 40 bucks! I didn’t think it was worth it, so I went to check online.

I found someone selling the same thing for RM17 but still felt it was kinda expensive, so I waited til 11.11 and then they were on sale for only RM1!”

#2 Shawn got this ceiling light + fan combo for his apartment

“I wanted something simple, minimalistic and modern for my new place that’s also affordable. When I saw this ceiling light + fan combo, I immediately added it to my cart. It has retractable blades! So cool!”

#3 Completing Adam’s gaming set up with an RM11.11 mouse and keyboard set

“All I needed was an RGB keyboard and nice mouse to game on to complete my set up. Saw this RM11.11 set, ordered it and it arrived in less than a week. After that, I started destroying people on Valo. Ez.”

Make your November 2021 lagi syok with the KFC x foodpanda RM11.11 super value bundles!

KFC and foodpanda have paired up to deliver finger lickin’ good bites for only RM11.11 from 2-5pm daily throughout the ENTIRE month of November!

Every day from 1st to 30th November, you can enjoy RM11.11 super value bundles like 1-piece KFC Chicken and Loaded Potato Bowl OR Colonel Classic with large Cheezy Wedges OR Colonel Classic with 6-piece Nuggets.

KFC and foodpanda 11.11 combo promo

Image via KFC

Admin is totally aiming for Kombo C.

The team behind KFC and foodpanda also visited three different locations on 12 November to surprise customers with a free KFC sampler bag which consists of KFC Colonel Classic and 6-piece nuggets in conjunction with 11.11! What a treat!

Make sure you head over to the foodpanda website or app to enjoy these amazing snacks every single day for the whole of November!

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