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Planning That Langkawi Trip With Your Besties? Here Are Tips On Travelling With Friends

It’s gonna be a good vacay!
16 Nov 2021, 06:38 PM
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This article is sponsored by PayNet.

Travel tips for group of friends to Langkawi

Image via tirachardz/Freepik; Edited by HITZ

It’s been more than a year of isolation and lockdown, so now that we can travel again, you gotta make sure the trip is super lit like an all-out adventure to Langkawi!

Of course, going on a holiday with the fam is nice and all, but it’s totes different when it comes to travelling with friends. Firstly, you gotta pay for everything yourself. You can’t expect your friends to belanja you like how you parents would, right?

You’ve gotta think about your friends’ habits and preferences too. This is why you really ought to pick up on a few tips.

Here are 8 things to practise when travelling with your friends:

#1 Choose the right friends to travel with!

Yes, you really gotta pick and choose the right group to go to Langkawi with because you guys may not gel well together on holidays. Even besties can get into arguments or feel uncomfy when staying in a hotel together.

Meanwhile, some friends may prefer to shop all day while some prefer things like tourist spots and landmarks. And maybe all you wanna do is chill out by the beach.

You gotta be open about your preferences and be able to compromise with each other. If you find that you can’t do that with a certain group, then thank u, next.

#2 Book flights during promo season

This may come off as a no-brainer, but you’d be surprised how some people don’t think about how much money can be saved when buying flight tickets during promo prices.

When the Langkawi bubble travel was first announced, local airlines were selling flight tix for as low as RM15 one way from KLIA!

Now, the prices have gone back to normal for around RM80. The money you saved on flight could have been put into doing other things during the trip such as your stay.

#3 Make sure your stay has free cancellation close to the date

With the pandemic still pretty rampant, you’d better get a stay that provides free cancellation so that in case anything happens such as coming into close contact with a COVID-19 patient or contracting the disease yourself. (Touch wood, lah)

Also, book ahead of time so that you can get better deals too!

#4 Plan the itinerary ahead of time and edit it as your travel date approaches

As mentioned earlier, you’ve gotta take everyone’s preferences into account and compromise accordingly. An easy way is to allow everyone to share what they want to do and choose what everyone has in common.

For example, everyone wants to ride the cable car, relax by the beach, and duty-free shopping. So, these activities can be added into the itinerary easily.

However, maybe some friends would like to go snorkelling, but one person has a fear of the sea. You can’t force the person to go for it, so either the friend compromises by sitting out of the activity or the whole group can choose something else to do together.

#5 Take LOTS of pictures and videos because #memories

You don’t have to post everything on social media, but pics and vids are a great way to look back on all the fun times. Take group shots, OOTDs, TikTok vids, and just vlog the whole trip if you can.


When you’re older, these will turn into precious memories even if you end up growing apart from this group.

#6 Appoint one person who’s responsible and trustworthy to be the ‘treasurer’

An easy way to avoid complications during payments is to appoint a trusted person to be responsible for the finances.

At the beginning of the trip, give them a lump sum of money like RM200 per person, and they will use that money to pay for the group’s meals, entrance tickets, etc.

When funds are low, you can add more in. Then, once the trip is over, the treasurer can divide the balance equally and return it to everyone.

Warning: this should be done only if you have someone REALLY trustworthy!

#7 Use an app to track all expenses

If the above method isn’t for you and your group, then you can just download apps that can track group expenses. There are loads of apps today that can help simplify group debts.

This just means that it will automatically combine everything owed to each other and reduce the total number of repayments between your friends.

#8 Pay each other back using DuitNow Transfer to track everything easily

How to use DuitNow instant transfer

Image via PayNet

An issue with paying via cash is tracking payments. Though expense tracking apps can help record everything, it’s not proof of transaction.

When you transfer using services like DuitNow Transfer, you instantly transfer the money into your friend’s bank accounts, and all you need is their mobile number! The service is available 24/7 so you can bayar hutang anytime.

If you haven’t signed up for it, head over to DuitNow’s website to learn! It’s super easy to set up and even easier to use. All you have to do is head over to your Internet Banking or Mobile Banking and register your mobile number.

The links below will guide you on how to register for your specific banks:

Use DuitNow, JomPAY and FPX, and stand a chance to win RM10k

When you use DuitNow, JomPAY and FPX services to transfer money, pay bills or shop online , you can win up to RM10,000 in cash every month.

There’s no complicated entry forms or steps to win either. You literally just have to use the services like normal and you will be in the running for the campaign!

So, plan your trip now, use DuitNow, JomPAY and FPX when you book your flight, hotel, and activities, and enjoy free cash on top of an epic holiday with your besties.

Check out PayNet’s website for more info! for more info!

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