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Rev Your Engines Because These Are Your Top Racing Games Of 2023!

We live for the thrill…
Lashonde Christian
06 Sep 2023, 01:56 PM

This article is sponsored by Toyota

cars on the racetrackImage via Memu Play and Toyota

There’s just something about racing that slaps in all the right places. With technology and the digital age where it is today, car racing games have become hella lit and here’s a list of the best that you should try out!

Ready, set, go! These are the top 5 racing car games of the year so far

#1 F1 23

Release: 16 June

Available on: PS5, PS 4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X & S, Microsoft Windows

Why you’ll like it: There are all the latest drivers, teams and tracks from the 2023 Formula One season. So, this one’s for you F1 fans!

#2 Forza Motorsport 8

Release: 10 Oct

Available on: Xbox Series X & S, Microsoft Windows

Why you’ll like it: Developed by industry-leading experts, realistic physics, stunning visuals, and extensive collection of meticulously detailed cars, you’ll feel like you’re actually in the game!

#3 WRC 23

Release: 1 Nov

Available on: PS5, Xbox Series X & S, Microsoft Windows

Why you’ll like it: The detailed graphics and sound effects are insane, AND you’ll be able to try different racing techniques on different racetracks!

#4 Disney Speedstorm

Release: 28 Sept (full version)

Available on: Nintendo Switch, PS 5, Android, PS 4, Xbox One, iOS, Xbox Series X & S, Microsoft Windows

Why you’ll like it: A combo of your all-time fav Disney favourites and a need for speed, what more could a gamer ask for, right? You’ll also get to power up your characters and race alongside your friends!

#5 Wreckreation

Release: December (tentatively)

Available on: PS 5, Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X & S, Microsoft Windows

Why you’ll like it: Destruction and chaos all around, you’ll find yourself racing for life – quite literally!

Honourary Mention: Gran Turismo

Anyone who’s a gamer and loves the thrill of the track knows this game. First released in 1997, Gran Turismo (GT) quickly became one of the most iconic racing games for being “the real driving simulator”. Early last year, the game launched GT7 and continues to receive praises for its graphics and gameplay—there’s even a Hollywood movie inspired by the game in cinemas now!

Here’s another bit of did-you-know: GT7 is Toyota’s official game and some of the Gazoo Racing racers such as Nazmir and Naquib first began their racing journey as GT players! They credited the game for being a significant platform that helped “transition virtual racers like [them] into the real world”.

GTR racer Nazmir and NaquibImage via Toyota

Watch Nazmir, Naquib and other racers prove their worth at the newest season of TOYOTA GAZOO Racing (TGR)

The much-anticipated Toyota event is back with Season 6 this 30 Sept, with the TGR Vios Challenge being its major highlight.

Exclusive to Malaysia, every race car used in this one-make race is identical—the only difference is the driver behind the wheel, and they range from rookies and professionals to celebrities such as Ain Edruce and Zizan Razak. This means that sheer talent and experience alone will decide if a racer wins or loses.

a poster of race car drivers and a race carImage via Toyota

For the racers, it’s also known for being one of the most financially advantageous motorsports competition in the nation. Winners can score prizes worth up to RM70,000 in cash!

Sepang racetrack with race cars and peopleImage via Toyota

race car drivers on stageImage via Toyota

There’s more to see and do at TGR… including something for budding racers

What’s a car event without a series of beautiful speed machines on display? Get up close and personal with race cars, learn a thing or two from professional racers, and put your skill to the test with interactive driving and cycling simulators.

people posing for a picture with race carImage via Toyota

people playing racing gamesImage via Toyota

race car driver holding penImage via Toyota

There’ll also be music performances, games, and yummy food so you can fuel up too!

See you at the track!

Feel the rush of TGR this 30 Sept and 1 Oct, from 8.30am to 6.30pm, at the North Paddock of Sepang International Circuit. It’s free entry for everyone (no age limit), but registration is required. You can do so at

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