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The Weather’s So Hot Nowadays. These Tips Help You Slay Fashionably While Keeping Cool

Issa hack for the heat!
Lashonde Christian
18 Mar 2024, 01:53 PM

This article is sponsored by Triumph.

two women sitting in oversized clothingImages via Triumph and Canva

Picking what to wear these days is such a drag, because what do you wear when it’s literally 35 degrees out, and you’re sweating in places you didn’t even know you could sweat?!

But we’ll thank the fashion Gods, because there are actually some pretty perfff clothing hacks to beat the heat, while all the same time, staying on top of your fashion game.

5 styling hacks to keep you cool in the M’sian heat 😉

#1 Light colours FTW

Lighter colours reflect the sun’s rays, instead of darker fabric, which scientifically, absorbs them. This means that when you’ve got to decide between a peach, red or black top for class, peach wins, hands down!

#2 The baggier the better

The more airflow you have with your clothes, the cooler you’re gonna feel. Plus, the oversized look is on trend anyway. NOTE: We’re not asking you to look sloppy though!

Our suggestions are:

  • Looser/puffed-sleeved
  • Button down
  • Short sleeves
  • Strapless, sleeveless
  • Wide legged
  • Cropped
  • Oversized

#3 Denim? Bye!

She thick, so she gone.

Denim is one of the thickest fabrics, so if you have something linen or cotton, that’s your best bet!

But, if you’re a do-or-die for jeans, then maybe choose mother or boyfriend cut over skinnies.

#4 Add on some add-ons for style

Use a summer hat, a bucket hat, or a cool cap to shield the top of your head from the heat. This way, your hair’s not frizzy and your scalp’s not wet!

Besides that, thinly strapped sandals, open-toed or open sided shoes, and footwear that elevate you off the ground would also be a good way to go about the heat.

#5 Let your clothes breathe

When putting together your outfit, choose fabrics that are breathable and don’t trap moisture. Synthetics aren’t it—wear 100% linen, cotton, or silk instead. There’s also an option for breathable underwear so you’re comfy inside and out!

For starters, try Triumph’s Tri-Air Lite, a weightless push-up bra that feels as light as air!

With the Malaysian heat in mind, the Tri-Air Lite collection has a cool touch sensation; and is designed to keep you feeling cool, calm, and confident. Its cooling ribbed fabric is stretchy, breathable, and easy to dry!

A light green Triumph Tri-Air Lite braImage via Triumph

The cups of the bra are crafted from recycled Fiberfil that traps air inside to offer the lightest ever push up support but with a soft, natural feeling. Meanwhile, its innovative air cushion technology cups create the appearance of a one-cup-size-up push-up effect without compromising comfort.

What styles and colours do the Tri-Air Lite collection come in?

Triumph’s Tri-Air Lite collection comes in two styles: deep-V and wireless push-up. Matching cheeky, hipster, and mini briefs are also available for both styles.

The sister collection, Premium Joy, also features the Tri-Air Lite cup combined with feminine floral embroidery and fresh lightweight fabrics in fashionable colours.

Triumph bras in different colours

Image via Triumph; edited by HITZ

Where is the Tri-Air Lite collection available at?

You can get your hands on the Tri-Air Lite collection, from cup sizes B-C at or at Triumph boutiques and selected department stores:

list of stores to buy Triumph Tri-Air Lite braImage via HITZ

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