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Probiotics Is The Missing Piece To Your (Health) Puzzle; All The Whats & Whys

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Lashonde Christian
19 Apr 2023, 04:50 PM

This article is sponsored by WonderDewi By WonderLab

a girl holding a cup and looking at her laptop and a sachet box with seeds around

Images via Pexels/Ketut Subiyanto and WonderDewi; Edited by HITZ

Have you had the delicious, sweet-savoury, and spicy goodness that is kimchi?

Course you have, it’s only the best Korean side dish ever!

Did you know that according to legend, soldiers who were stationed in the trenches during the Korean War, would bury their jars of kimchi underground to keep them from freezing.

This is so that, when they dug up the jars weeks later, the kimchi would ferment even further, creating a super-potent and probiotic-rich version of the dish.

Yo, what’s the deal with probiotics?

What are probiotics? Well, in layman terms, they are microorganisms that are beneficial to our health when consumed in adequate amounts.

There are two probiotics that are commonly found in the human gut: lactobacillus and bifidobacterial.

The 4-1-1 on all they do for you

Picture this: Your gut is a bustling city with different types of bacteria living and working together. Probiotics are the hardworking public servants, helping to maintain order and keep things running smoothly.

They help with a numerous number of things regarding body health like improve your digestion, boost your immune function, enhance the absorption of nutrients by your body and even helps with mental health

No better way to up your gut game

However, like the basic survival blocks of humanity, we could always use a helping hand.

With almost 70% of our immune system existing in our guts and a recent pandemic which has ‘significantly altered’ said immune system, our next best bet is consuming probiotics to boost gut health.

Probiotics can be found in various types of food like yogurt, fermented vegetables, or taken as supplements via capsules, tablets or powders.

Have no fear, WonderDewi is here

3 hands holding WonderDewi GudGut sachets and boxImage via WonderDewi

The WonderDewi GudGut Botanical Beverage Mix with Probiotic just launched last month, and it has all the functions you’re looking for, to help with your tummy.

This new and must-have product supports the digestive system, produces important nutrients for the body, regulates your immune system and GET THIS, even improves your skin complexion!

WonderDewi GudGut Botanical Beverage Mix with Probiotic

a sachet of WonderDewi GudGut probiotic powderImage via WonderDewi

Packed with nutrient-rich ingredients, this probiotic is made with a blend of 10 billion CFU of probiotics, Vitamin C and Vitamin D.

Your probiotic nutri-goodness, have this blackcurrant flavored in more ways than one! You can:

  • Pour the powder out directly into a glass of water
  • Mix it into your smoothie
  • Sprinkle it all over your cereal

The recommended dose is one sachet a day.

No FOMO allowed – come through and let's get it!

It costs RM88 for a box of 20 sachets, or get WonderDewi GudGut with WonderDewi Flexi GOOODPLAN at a more affordable price of RM50 a month with FREE delivery! 😉

You know you wanna, so hurry on up and visit or WonderLabOfficial on Facebook and Instagram for more FYI.

The goods are also available at any WonderLab physical store near you, so you can rush on over, contact a WonderLab agent or go to their WonderLab e-brandstore.

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