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Did You Know That 22 Changes Were Made Last Year To Benefit Youths & Encourage Sports?

It was a busy year for the Ministry of Youth and Sports.
Lea Spykerman
04 Jan 2024, 10:38 AM

This article is sponsored by Ministry of Youth and Sports.

A collage featuring a gamer, friends camping, and martial arts

Images via Canva

2023, done. ✌️ Over 75,000 of us sang along with Coldplay at Bukit Jalil, Michelle Yeoh became the first Malaysian to win an Oscar, and someone tried to stuff a mattress into a dryer?!

A lot happened in the past 365 days, and it’s almost impossible to keep up with everything.

So, here’s a recap of 22 good news from 2023 that are related to youth and sports…

#1 Catch your favourite sport with the Big Screen Programme

Malaysians cheering while holding the Malaysian flag

Image via Canva

Live sports is now more accessible! Thanks to the Ministry of Youth and Sports’ (KBS) Big Screen Programme, you can expect more public big screen showings of live sports events. Free game screenings and fellow sports kakis for company? Score.

Follow KBS on Instagram for updates on the next big screen event!

#2 We’re getting serious about winning that Olympic gold

A special Road to Gold committee has been created to coordinate Malaysia’s efforts towards bringing home our first Olympic gold at Paris 2024 and Los Angeles 2028. The committee includes Datuk Nicol Ann David and Datuk Wira (Dr) Lee Chong Wei, who’ll be lending their expertise to our national athletes.

#3 Sports shouldn’t be expensive

We love rahmah prices. In Aug 2023, as a continuation of the national Payung Rahmah programme, the Rahmah Sports initiative was created to sell sports items at more pocket-friendly prices. So, if you’ve been wanting a new racquet, look for the Rahmah Sports Sale!

#4 Showing some love for the Malayan Tiger


A post shared by KBSMalaysia (@kbsmalaysia)

The next time you watch a Harimau Malaya football game live, you’ll also be helping our tigers! KBS and the Football Association of Malaysia have pledged to donate RM1 from every Harimau Malaya ticket sale to the conservation of our endangered big cats.

#5 A directory of all the sports facilities you can use

Looking for a place to swim or play football? KBS has over 1,000 sports facilities throughout the country, and they are now listed in a directory for you to conveniently search for! The directory can be accessed via KBS’ website.

#6 Sports Day at a stadium? Why not?!

Schools can now have their Sports Day at Bukit Jalil National Stadium, the very same stadium that Coldplay performed in! Other stadiums available to schools are the Jalan Duta Sports Complex and Bukit Kiara Sports Complex.

To apply, visit the Malaysian Stadium Corporation website.

#7 Everyone can learn how to swim

Happy Asian woman in a swimming pool with a float

Image via Canva

KLAS Renang is in session! To reduce the probability of drowning amongst the B40 community, B40 children between 6 to 12 years old can sign up for free swimming lessons at 54 locations across the nation. Keep an eye out on KBS’ Instagram for details about the next enrolment.

#8 It’s easier to organise sporting events now

All local sports events organised by sports associations and clubs registered under the Sports Development Act 1997 no longer need to apply for approval from the Sports Commissioner. Yay to more sports activities!

#9 eSports—and 51 others—is officially a sport

The number of recognised sports in the country has been increased from 51 to 103, one of which is eSports! All recognised sports will be listed in the Sports Development Act 1997, and can enjoy benefits such as tax exemption for coaching fees and funding from KBS.

#10 There’s a guideline that protects eSports gamers

ESports gamers cheering in front of desktop computers

Image via Canva

The National eSports Development Guideline has been introduced to develop greater regulation, rights, and responsibilities in the eSports industry. It covers issues such as management of player contracts, a code of conduct and ethics, and guidance on eSports career paths.

#11 Nobody likes a bully on the playing field

A Safe Sports Code has been introduced to create safe sports environments. The code emphasises the roles and responsibilities of all parties in dealing with harassment and abuse.

#12 Got a sports conflict? Take it to these people

Sometimes, unwanted drama can happen on the field or courts or tracks. Hence a Sports Dispute Committee has been set up to hear and resolve conflicts related to sports bodies and their members.

#13 Martial arts just got official in schools

Asian man and woman practising silat martial arts

Image via Canva

Martial arts used to be recognised as a uniformed body activity in school. Well, not anymore! It has since been reclassified as sports, helping combat sports athletes in school get equal recognition.

#14 Your KBS applications and enquiries will now move faster

Dealing with government agencies can sometimes be confusing and time-consuming. So, for easy access to their services or to speed up the processes, clubs, and youth and sports associations can walk into the monthly KBS Open Day instead!

#15 Funds provided to sports associations are public info

If you’d like to know the amount of approved funds provided to sports associations, you can. KBS has launched a website to display this info, along with details of programmes that have been implemented using the funds received.

You can access the information under the “geran/bantuan” tab on their official website.

#16 There are 7 new affordable camping grounds

A group of friends camping by the lake

Image via Canva

2024 is a year for camping! KBS, through its Institute of Leadership, Development and Excellence, has opened up 7 Kem Wawasan Negara camping sites. These sites are equipped with facilities such as prayer rooms, toilets, and recreational areas, and only cost between RM10 to RM20 per family!

The 7 Kem Wawasan Negara are located in: Ulu Nenas (Perak), Ulu Sepri (Negeri Sembilan), Maran (Pahang), Langkawi (Kedah), Kundasang (Sabah), Besut (Terengganu), and Balik Pulau (Pulau Pinang).

Information on how to reserve a spot at these camps are available on their individual social media pages.

#17 There’s a space for every athlete to train

Through the new 1 Sport, 1 Facility initiative, national sports associations will be able to secure permanent training grounds, enabling the athletes to focus on growing their talents.

#18 Let’s take care of our para-athletes

Two paralympics para-athletes fencing

Image via Canva

It’s now compulsory for national para-athletes to be accompanied by supporting officers at international competitions. This move is aimed at keeping our para-athletes safe, and looking into their needs.

#19 A bigger and better Rakan Muda

Rakan Muda is a lifestyle platform that offers workshops and events covering different interest categories. In 2023, Rakan Muda added 10 new categories to its list, one of which is Rakan Litar, catering to fans of motorsports.

Malaysians between the ages of 15 to 30 can sign up as a member on the Rakan Muda website.

#20 Youths get a special residence at RM10/day

youth capsule malaysia

Image via IYCMalaysia/Facebook

Looking for a job or undergoing work training in a new state on your own is scary enough. To take some of that stress off you, Youth Capsule @IYCResidence is now open to youths needing a temporary place to stay in KL.

For only RM10 a day, guests will get a bed and access to amenities such as laundry, personal locker, bathroom and more.

#21 A school programme that teaches politics

How much do you know about politics? In a bid to improve political literacy among youths—they are after all, the future leaders of the country, the Rukun Negara School has been set up. Through this programme, youngsters will get to learn about the Federal Constitution, electoral process, principles of Rukun Negara, and more.

#22 A special committee to strengthen our sports ecosystem

The High-Level Committee has been tasked to develop sports in the country, through collaboration between KBS, Ministry of Education, and Ministry of Higher Education.

Here’s a TL;DR version…


A post shared by KBSMalaysia (@kbsmalaysia)

All 22 efforts are part of KBS’ improvement plan, but what’s next for 2024?

Visit their official website or follow them on Facebook and Instagram for the latest updates.

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